The C6 Corvette drove well enough, but like its predecessors its interior seemed to share more in common with a Power Wheels Corvette's of the same year than another $50,000 car's of the same year. Yes, the seats were leather, but everything else was hard, cheap-feeling plastic that scratched easily. People were willing to put up with the interior to get at the engine.

For 2014 things have changed. Drastically. Now almost everything feels nice. Yes, there's still some hard plastic, but it's not as cheap-feeling, and almost every surface of our tricked-out, $72k Corvette was either fantastic leather or carbon fiber. Hell, it even looked good. The Corvette started out as an awkward but fun kid (C1), aged into a crazy but amusing young adult (C2 and C3), fell into that post college funk like so many people, living in mom and dad's basement (C4), then got a real job as a race car (C5-R and C6.R), and has now decided that it's time to take a bit more care in what it does. 

Between this, and the much more refined new exterior, the Corvette is like a guy in a new suit. This new suit has done the same wonders for the Corvette's image that it does for a man's. The people who have always loved the 'vette still do — except the pedants who won't shut up about the tail-lights — and most of the former haters have found a new respect for it.