So much for surprises. After the WRX supposedly leaked last week, Subaru has now released new images of the 2015 Legacy Concept that will debuting alongside the WRX at next week's L.A. Auto Show. Our first reaction: Definitely looks like an improvement over the current model, we're just worried that the concept's styling isn't going to translate into the finished product, like it appears has happened with the 'Rex. 

From the front, we definitley get a more juiced up stare that sort of reminds us of a combination of the Fusion/Taurus grille, the Regal GS runner lights, and the angular chin that a lot of car companies are using these days. From the rear, our first thought is immediately back to the WRX concept with those sharp C-shaped tail lamps. Look for live shots and more info on the concept when we're covering the show next week. 

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