Date: 9/29/2013
Player(s): Knowshon Moreno

Who's the most dominant team in the NFL right now? Well, it's sure as hell not anybody from the NFC East. If you're looking for an answer, take a peep at what the Denver Broncos have been doing sans Von Miller. The Broncos have owned their past four opponents by an average of 22.5, and the run started when they bamboozled Baltimore 49-27. The big reason behind that whipping was Peyton Manning, who threw seven touchdowns that game.

He hasn't let up at all since then and broke the record for most touchdowns (16) without an interception in the first four games. And frankly, Knowshon Moreno is bored of it all. Bored of winning. Bored of finding the end zone. He felt it was time to find competition, so he decided to momentarily switch to playing Rock, Paper, Scissors...with himself. Suffering from success! *Khlaed voice*