Date: 9/29/2013
Player(s): Adrian Peterson

Last season, the Steelers were second in the league in rushing yards allowed. This year the team is still winless going into Week 5 and ranks within the bottom five in that same category. That Steel Curtain has some holes, and didn't get them sown in time for Sunday's game against the worst possible team: Adrian Peterson and the Vikings. Those holes didn't just get exploited; Peterson straight-up ripped some new ones, especially on this run. Here you have the type of play that causes someone playing Madden to be all like "Let me get that rematch" even though he knows damn well one of the homies already called next, like, two games ago. Plus, there's barely been any instances where the Steelers defense looked this bad. When Mike Tomlin spoke with his trademark, hard-nosed professionalism in the postgame conference, you get the slight feeling it may be masking panic.