Pittsburgh Pirates fans were really, really excited last night (just check out that scene above!). For the first time in more than two decades, their team appeared in an MLB Playoffs game. And they actually won, beating the Cincinnati Reds 6-2 to advance to a divisional series against the St. Louis Cardinals. But it sounds like at least one Pirates fan got a little too amped up during the NL Wild Card game.

According to Dallas Latos, the wife of Reds pitcher Mat Latos, a Pirates fan assaulted her during the game. Like, dragged by her hair, punched in the head, and gave her a full-out beatdown. And as the game was going on, she took to her Twitter account to reveal that, although she was assaulted, the security at Pittsburgh's PNC Park was absolutely no help and told her that they couldn't do anything for her. Check out her full account of what allegedly happened through a series of tweets that she sent out last night:

Sounds...intense. We understand Pirates fans being fired up for their team's big game. But if what Latos says happened actually did happen (someone out there has the incident on video, right?), the Pirates fan who beat her up deserves to be punished. It's one thing to act a fool by cheering wildly for your team. But it's quite another to physically assault the wife of an opposing player.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]