What stans think: The best DE in the country, period.
What haters think: Paul Finebaum called him "The biggest joke in college football."
What realists think: The best DE in the country someday. Maybe.

Paul Finebaum is a professional hater who is an inspiration to the broke amateurs of the internet. That being said, Clowney is still a physical freak (in an era where that term is overused) and a virtual lock to move to Jacksonville. The realist doesn't wonder whether college prodigies look ahead to the life of multi-millions and big city groupies, but Clowney says he's hurt which makes living up to his unrealistic Heisman hype that much harder.

If you're in Columbia right now and were expecting more from the guy who did this, we hear ya, but you live with the five-star recruit, and you die with the five-star recruit. After all that noise about sitting out this season to preserve himself for the NFL, you probably should just be thankful that you're getting anything out of him.