What stans think: That he is the best fighter ever (not just pound for pound). And also that they can't wait to see the next picture he takes with his stacks.
What haters think: That he's afraid of Manny Paquiao. And also that he's a giganto douche for hanging around with Justin Bieber.
What realists think: He's legit, but the slow death of boxing is dwindling the talent pool which provides today's fighters with less and less wins worthy of celebration.

When boxing officially croaks the history books will point to an inability to generate fights people would've actually wanted to see. At this point, Pacquiao appears past his prime making one of the few fights that could make the sport relevant again, impossible. Like a lot of the entrants on this list there's two sides of the argument with the stans and haters representing the extremes. Mayweather's undefeated record is impressive and his defensive skills are up there with the all-time greats but we'd be shocked if many people could list five Hall of Famers that he's beaten in their prime.