What stans think: Championship or bust.
What haters think: He's soft.
What realists think: He's still only 25 years old.

One of the biggest storylines of the 2013 postseason had to do with a guy who never set foot on the court. Nobody was as maligned as Rose and that polarization was most prevelant in his hometown of Chicago.

There were two camps: The first, demanded that he get out of his folding chair and immediately play like the 2010-11 MVP to lead the Bulls to their first Larry O'Brien since the now deified Michael Jordan was playing. The second, wondered why he should risk re-injuring himself in a season where the Bulls weren't going to beat the Heat anyway. At 23 there's no point in risking the future of the franchise, but (and it's a big Kim Kardashian but[t]) it was worth noting that doctors cleared him to play in March. One prediction's certain: If he returns to form then you'll see a hater-to-Stan formation that's strong in the heart of the fairweather fan.