What stans think: San Francisco's Mount Rushmore: Kaepernick, Montana, Young. In that order.
What haters think: Why is Colin Kaepernick on this list?
What realists think: His rise to stardom was a welcome surprise, but it takes more than half-a-season to become elite.

Let's just make this simple. Players who burst onto the scene sometimes need a few starts to grasp the speed of the game, while others flourish and make the NFL look like Pop Warner. Kaepernick was the latter. Either way, it comes down to adjustments. Grizzled defensive coordinators are going to use your game tape to plan against you from now until retirement. Whether or not you can adjust is going to dictate your rankings amongst the elite. With Kaepernick (and Luck, Newton, Griffin, Wilson, etc.) it's still far too early. The stans and the haters of the world jump to whatever conclusions they come up with as quickly as possible and scream at those who say "wait." If you want proof then look no further to the guy who sent Alex Smith to 7-0 Kansas City.