What stans think: Brett who?
What haters think: *Whining voice* When's he gonna give that guy his salary?
What realists think: He's a stud.

The irony's not lost that the town that slurped Favre for 16 years (and wore No. 4 jerseys that said "God" on the back) has totally whitewashed their history with the greying QB for a younger, sleaker model (that throws far less picks). Hate around Rodgers seems to echo that his 15-1 team didn't even make the Super Bowl, and that (as of now) he only has one ring. You'll notice a trend of hating revolves around a lack of championships even in instances where the guy's already won one. Our advice would be to lean towards "Stanning" him without looking up his home address, because in a decade we'll remember this guy as one of the Top 5 QB's who ever lived.