By now, you surely know that a stan is a less than complimentary reference to a fictional guy who killed himself and his pregnant girlfriend because Eminem wouldn't send him a hand-written letter. Since nobody writes hand written letters anymore, a modern day stan is someone who spends all day on Twitter tweeting at players and teams he loves, as well as rival fans he hates, in hopes of getting an acknowledgment of his existence before he's issued a restraining order.

A hater isn't much better, tweeting at teams and fans he hates in hopes of attaining bragging rights about who's blocked him to other fans in Twitter exile. As a realist you probably realize that both groups are equally difficult to argue with. They're both dogmatic and can never be convinced that they're wrong. Sometimes the only appropriate reply is a hearty "fuck off."

Only certain athletes seem to attract the obsessives. For instance, you may notice our list excludes Drew Brees and his Arena football numbers. We did our best to narrow this list to those who dominate the age of Internet debate (where you're free to be a gigantic homer or jackass because no one will ever see your face). The eternal question remains: hater, stan or realist, which one are you?

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