Price: $10.34 million
Auction: Gooding & Company, Monterey, CA 2011

In 1928 the prestigious car company sought to design "the world's finest motor car," and that they did. There were less than 500 ever built from 1928 through 1936, catering to a very exclusive clientele. This particular Duesie was built specially for an elusive man by the name of Mr. George Whittell Jr., who's one-of-a-kind Duesenberg cost a cool $17,000 back in 1931. That was the price of over 50 Model A Fords!

Among the endless list of intricate features is the heavy-handed use of chrome and brushed aluminum. This Depression Era magnum opus has only had five documented owners since Whittell and, to this day, only shows 12,500 easy miles on the shiny dash. The tender care shows, as it still flashes every original detail like the day it was delivered. Withstanding the test of time, this car would certainly be the crown jewel of any collection.