For some, looks are all it takes. They spot a car, fall head over heels for the sultry exterior, and they know that they have to have th at car no matter what. Others' thirst isn't quenched so easily, and they really have to drive the car and see how it feels to know what's right for them. Right now, the Subaru BRZ (we're so tired of doing this)/FR-S/GT86 is just a little better suited for the former. Don't take this the wrong way, this car is a great success, but despite it's light-weight, rear-wheel, small coupe appeal, it's still left some people wanting a little more. 

Now, recently, we've been getting to see a bit more added to these cars (from manufacturers, we've already seen the insanity that people do with these things). We saw the tS Concept recently, which the Internet was tricked into thinking was a proper STi, and now we have this, the Premium Sports Edition, which is launching in Japan. Included in this package, which would translate to about $31,000 in the U.S., you get 17-inch alloy wheels, two-tone black and tan leather, Alcantara trim, aluminum pedals, carbon trim, black flake painted mirrors and a push button start.

All of this is great, but again, like the tS, none of it is aimed at improving performance. In particular, there's no turbo, which all driving enthusiasts are crying for at this point. Just cave, Subaru, just cave and give it to us! It'll be great for all parties!

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[via Subaru