Anyone looking for a franchise quarterback? Here's all you need to do. SIGN MATT FLYNN NOW! Of course, Flynn isn't going to be your franchise QB. Ha. That guy isn't all that good. But Flynn will help you find the franchise quarterback that's already on your roster. He did it last year when the Seahawks traded for him and then promptly discovered that Russell Wilson was actually their best option. And the Raiders just did it, too, when they traded for Flynn in the offseason and then decided that Terrelle Pryor was actually the guy for them this season. So to all you NFL teams without a franchise quarterback on the roster, what are you waiting for?!

Oh, and just in case we didn't make this clear, the Raiders dropped Flynn today. They have the guy they want playing quarterback on their roster right now and they don't want to pay Flynn $6.25 million to be his backup. So where's Good Luck Chuck, er, Matt Flynn going to play next?

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[via Shutdown Corner]