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The AC Milan Vice President Has a Nickname for Mario Balotelli

Date: 2/5/2013
: "The family's little n*****."
Who said it: Paolo Berlusconi

Soccer has had a long, dirty history with racism and, unfortunately, we've had to watch that ignominious tradition continue on today with the likes of AC Milan vice president, Paolo Berlusconi, continuing to soil the sport's good name. Speaking during a political rally in Italy this past February, Berlusconi started making some jokes about his team and, unfortunately, when the subject of the mercurial striker, Mario Balotelli, came up, Berlusconi's language got a little bit crude.

Referring to Balotelli as his family's "little n*****," Berlusconi invited a firestorm of criticism upon himself for using such a vile term about one of his star players. Berlusconi, however, insisted that he was just being "affectionate" towards Balotelli, and made peace with the striker shortly after a video of his speech dropped. Kudos to Super Mario for being the bigger man on this one.

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