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Kelly Tilghman Jokes That Other Golfers Should "Lynch" Tiger Woods

Date: 1/4/2008
: "Lynch him in the back alley."
Who said it: Kelly Tilghman

Lynching is a practice with deeply violent ties to the black community, and is definitely not something you want to be casually throwing out as a joke when you're on live television. The Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman had to find this out the hard way, though, when she used the term in jest during a PGA Tour telecast in January of 2008. After studio partner, Nick Faldo, joked that other golfers on the tour would have to "gang up" on Tiger Woods in order to keep up with him, Tilghman responded by saying that they should "lynch him in the back alley." Oof. Tilghman was suspended for two weeks for her remarks but Tiger has held no grudge against her since the statement.

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