Good news today for skate nerds and sneaker lovers alike: Nike SB launched the microsite for volume two of the brand's "Chronicles" video series. The site features a sick new trailer (be sure to check out the first trailer if you haven't yet, to see Ishod get annihilated by a small tree) and a link to RSVP to see the video online when it premieres on December 10th. 

I'll wait while you open a new tab to handle that.

The full-length video will feature all-stars from the SB roster including Theotis Beasley, Darly Angel, Shane O'Neill, Ishod Wair, and Justin Brock, plus the young Brazilian ripper Luan Oliviera, and the new Jack Donovan Piscopo. The microsite features "coming soon" dates for individual riders, which likely means we can expect to see teaser clips for each of them to drop before we get the full vid in December.

Watch the new trailer below, and check back on October 24 to find out what we can expect SB to unveil over the next seven weeks.

 [via Nike SB on twitter]