In Australia, there's a Motoring Enthusiast Party that describes itself as seeking improvment for the country, bus is focused on infrastructure, driver education, and road safety. In its own words from the party website "We take pride in our vehicles, pride in our Nation and promote the notion of a 'fair go for all,'"

The party is celebrating right now, as party member Ricky Muir, a first time politician and off-road enthusiast, has won a seat in the country's senate. He said of the results, “It’s an awesome responsibility; exciting and daunting at the same time. I am a committed supporter of the AMEP and the freedoms it seeks, but also very conscious of the responsibility I will be taking on if elected to the Senate.”

Regarding accusations that this is simply the "Hoon Party" he said, “I want to emphasise from the outset that driving which endangers life is not acceptable to our Party, nor the people who represent it.”

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