Date of homecoming: 7/12/1997
New team: Toronto Blue Jays
Former team: Boston Red Sox
What transpired: Clemens opted to not resign with the Red Sox when his contract was up after then-Sox general manager Dan Duquette said Clemens was in the "twilight" of his career.
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After 13 years as a member of the Boston Red Sox where he racked up three Cy Young awards (1986, 1987, 1991) and an AL MVP honor in 1986, Roger Clemens decided that it was time for him to head north of the border and join the Toronto Blue Jays. According to then-Red Sox general manager Dan Duquette, Clemens opted to go elsewhere over receiving "the most money ever offered to a player in the history of the Red Sox franchise" which would definitely put him on this list. However, Clemens claims that he left because Duquette made little effort to re-sign him since the Sox GM believed Roger was in the "twilight" of his career.

When he returned to Fenway on July 12, 1997, The Rocket felt as though he had to make a statement on the mound. Coincidentally, on his 400th career start, Clemens shrugged off the smattering of boos and came out dealing, striking out 16 batters and giving up only one earned run in eight innings. Then, in a surprising move, the hometown Red Sox fans started cheering Roger on as he attempted to strike out the side in the eighth inning. There are also rumors that Clemens was occasionally glancing into the owner's box where he thought Duquette was sitting as if to say, he still had it. We're sure the Sox GM got the message loud and clear.