Date of homecoming: 12/2/2010
New team: Miami Heat
Former team: Cleveland Cavaliers
What transpired: In front of 13.1 million viewers watching around the world, LeBron James famously said he was "taking his talents to South Beach" during the 2010 free agency period.
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In a matter of 90 minutes LeBron James went from one of the league's most loved players to one of the most loathed. Knicks fans were mad because he wasn't going to the basketball Mecca, Chicago fans were pissed because D-Wade wasn't returning home with the King, but Cleveland fans were the most enraged because they took yet another L.

The then two-time MVP was Cleveland's sole hope of winning its first major sports championship since the Browns won the NFL championship back in 1964. That's right, back when the Super Bowl didn't even exist. Instead he left for Miami. His return to the Quicken Loans Center included boos, "Quitness," "Witless," and "Lyin' King" signs, and a huge blowout win by the Heat (118-90). Bron Bron went 15-25 from the field and dropped 38 points in Miami's victory.