Missouri Loses Game and Undefeated Season in One of the Worst Ways Possible (GIF)

To be fair, you can't completely blame this loss on Missouri kicker Andrew Baggett. The Tigers had no business giving up 17 points in the fourth quarter to allow South Carolina to tie the game. But they did, and the game consequently went to overtime, leading to what was supposed to be a clutch moment for Baggett to tie the game 27-27. Sadly, Baggett is going to take a lot of blame because: a) The kicker is pretty much the scapegoat if he misses in this situation, b) That was a pretty makeable attempt, and c) This was the final mistake that cost Missouri its undefeated season.

All you heard was a sharp "DING," the hearts of the Missouri fans crumbling to the floor, and—if you listen closely—the sound of numerous fingers looking to ruin Baggett's Twitter mentions with vitiriol. That's despite how the holder did not hold the laces out for the kicker. The laces are always supposed to be out, man.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]

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