Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is not a big sports guy. So anytime he's asked to talk about sports, he usually screws up whatever he's talking about. For example, he has referred to Vince Wilfork as "Vince Wilcock" in the past and mistakenly called Rajon Rondo "Hondo."

But earlier today, while discussing the Red Sox chances of winning the World Series, he made his biggest blunder yet. When he was asked about the Red Sox by reporters, he said that he hopes that they win the "World Series Cup" this season. Yes, the "World Series Cup."

Menino is currently serving his fifth and final term as the mayor of Boston. So maybe he was just joking here and giving reporters what they were looking for when they asked him a sports-related question. Or maybe he really thinks that there is such a thing as a "World Series Cup." But either way, he came across as a sports idiot when he made the comment. SMH.


[via ESPN Boston]