Dogs are amazing creatures. And apparently, so are guys dressed up as dogs.

Recently, the guy in the dog costume that you see here made a hole-in-one at the Presidents Golf Course in Quincy, Mass. Pretty impressive, right? Even more impressive was the fact that the shot wasn't just for bragging rights. It also ended up winning the dog, er, the man dressed as a dog a Ford Fusion. Initially, the company behind a promotion that promised a Ford Fusion to whoever could make a hole-in-one at the Presidents Golf Course refused to give the man the car because of a technicality. The hole that he made the hole-in-one on was supposed to be about 25 yards longer than it actually was. But they later gave in and agreed to give the man a car after one of the man's friends took to Reddit to complain. So the man will now walk away with a $35,000 car for hitting his amazing shot while dressed up as a dog.

Now if you're the man, do you take your first test drive in the Ford Fusion while wearing the dog costume? You have to, right? Look out for him!

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[via Eye on Golf]