Remember when LeBron James used to go to the scorer's table before each and every game and toss a bunch of chalk into the air? Of course you do. It became such a thing that Nike even filmed a commercial based on it a few years ago. But during the 2011 NBA Playoffs, James abruptly stopped doing it.

It seems he's ready to bring it out of retirement, though. After practice earlier today, James revealed that the pre-game chalk toss will be making its return this season. After stopping the practice for more than two years, James said that fans who have come up to him on the street and tweeted him have talked him into starting it up again.

"It's just me," he said. "I love my fans and they wanted it back. They wanted me to do it, so it's back."

We suspect that this might have something to do with it, too. At any rate, look for the chalk toss to return to an NBA arena near you soon.

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[via ESPN]