A while back we got a glimpse of Lebron James on the set of a new Nike commercial with his custom Cannondale bike and helmet, now the commercial is out and it is amazing. Entitled "Training Day," the commercial begins with Lebron leaving his home and beginning a bike ride with a group of neighborhood kids. It evolves into a bike ride with what looks like an eighth of Miami's entire population behind him. The ride turns into a swim, then Lebron and his massive entourage bike to the stadium where he practices his game solo. The rest of the commercial features more and more exercising as a tireless Lebron is cheered on every step of the way by his adoring fans, and it ends with him biking back home to rest before starting the training regiment again the next day.

The video is shot extremely well with mandatory shots of the Nike Lebron XI throughout and the exclusive John Legend song playing throughout is great too. Check it out below:

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[via YouTube]