Recently, former NFL head coach Tony Dungy turned down USC when they called him about the possibility of him filling their head coaching vacancy. At least, he turned down someone who he thought was working with USC.

But as it turns out, at least two impersonators claiming to be from USC have reportedly been calling coaches, including Dungy and Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, about the head coaching vacancy at USC. Fortunately, no one has accepted their offer to become the Trojans new head coach or anything crazy like that. But late yesterday, USC athletic director Pat Haden (pictured above) addressed the situation and said that USC had not reached out to Dungy or Del Rio. He said that two impersonators are to blame for the calls and revealed that the school knows who the impersonators are.

"I can assure you no authorized representative of USC or our athletic department made these calls," Haden said. "We have not offered the job to anyone."

Dungy, who actually talked about turning USC down on a radio show yesterday, tweeted out an apology to the Trojans athletic department shortly after news about the impersonators broke:

What a strange situation.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]