Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a message for all of his haters out there: Don't get mad, guys. Get MONEY. That's what he wanted to tell the world last night. So he posted the photo that you see here of him standing in front of his white Ferrari along with a caption that features some words about his wealth.

"I've never seen Benjamin Franklin with his eyes closed," he wrote, "so all I can do is talk about being rich. When I was poor I dreamed & worked at becoming rich and I always hated haters. Don't get mad—get MONEY."

Okay then! If you loved Money May prior to seeing this picture, there's a good chance you love him even more now. And if you hated him? Well, our condolences. Because Mayweather is not going to stop stunting on you anytime soon. #SorryNotSorry.

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[via Instagram]