Fifty-two million dollars. It's such a high price that we had to both spell it out and put it in italics, and it's the amount that this Ferrari 250 GTO sold for a few days ago. 

This particular GTO, chassis #5111, is best known for having won the 1963 Tour de France (the motor race, not the bicycle race, as hilarious as that would have looked). The previous most expensive car in the world was also a pedigreed 250 GTO that had been made for, but never driven by, Sir. Stirling Moss and sold for $35 Million. 

Only 33 Series I 250 GTOs are known to still exist, and they're all, needless to say, worth quite a bit of money. Given that this is a 50% increase in price over the last one sold, however, we're going to agree with Bloomberg that these prices are probably not sustainible.

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[via Bloomberg