Some people take their fantasy football teams very seriously. A little bit too seriously, if you ask us. Brandon Jacobs provided us with the perfect example of that earlier today. 

Even though the Giants running back didn't suit up for last night's game against the Vikings, Jacobs received a death threat from a fantasy football player on Twitter who told him that it was "over for you and yo family" if Jacobs didn't rush for 50 yards and two touchdowns during the game. Jacobs posted a photo of the guy's tweets on Twitter:

Andre Rayner, the guy who sent the tweets, quickly backtracked after Jacobs sent out his tweets for the entire world to see. "BRO RELAX ITS NEVER THAT SERIOUS," he wrote, minutes before deleting his Twitter account. "ITS JUST TWITTER MAN."

"Just" Twitter? Eh, that was still a death threat, bro. And you're lucky Jacobs isn't taking it a lot more seriously than he is. Because if he did decide to pursue some sort of legal action against you, we're betting that you could get into big trouble for your tweets.

Let this be a lesson to all of the other crazy fantasy football players out there: Fantasy sports are not that serious. Chill out.

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[via For The Win]