If you're like us, your parents had a lot to do with why you're so into cars. As of right now, they've lived through more car trends than you have, they've probably driven more cars than you have, and they've lived with cars that we would chop off our own left pinky toe for (not sure about the right one). But one aspect of cars and driving has, for the most part stayed the same: the rules of the road, also known as laws. 

If you're like us (we're not sure if that's a good thing), you were probably also taught how to drive by your parents. They did a good job at providing a solid base for us to build on top of. But that's all we want it to be: a base. After a couple years of building that base, there's no need to worry or continually comment when they're in the passenger's seat. That's why we're here to ask, "why do parents still insist on pushing their opinions on our driving?" If you can relate check out our thoughts on The Worst Parts of Driving With Your Parents

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