Cristiano Ronaldo wants to know how much all of the kids out there love his new CR7 Boys Underwear line. So he just kicked off the CR7 Boys Underwear Competition that is designed to help fans show off their love for Ronaldo and the CR7 line.

"Upload your best, craziest, and funniest fan image showing your love for CR7 and win a trip to meet Cristiano Ronaldo and seen [sic] him play a match!" it says on the competition's Facebook page. "The first prize covers three lucky people, so bring a grown-up and your best friend."

Sounds innocent enough, right? Ronaldo is looking for photos from fans showing their love for him and his line. But that innocent request did not translate well when he wrote about the competition on Twitter a short time ago:

Wait, did he just…Yes, yes, he did, folks. What a poorly worded tweet. Fortunately, we realize what Ronaldo meant to say. But uhhhh, you might want to find a better way to promote the contest in a new tweet, man (the original has since been deleted). Just a suggestion.

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[via Deadspin]