Chris Bosh to Appear On Tonight's Episode of "Parks and Recreation"

Chris Bosh to Appear On Tonight's Episode of "Parks and Recreation"Image via USA TODAY Sports

Set your DVRs, people! Chris Bosh will appear on tonight's episode of Parks and Recreation at 8 PM ET. Seemingly out of nowhere, Bosh sent out the following tweet to let people know of his appearance on the show. 

As any sports fan knows, Bosh is a character, to say the least. And even though we don't have any details other than the message sent by CB a couple hours ago, we're already sure that his appearance will be awesome. Hopefully, Bosh will eventually reveal how this whole thing came about. And, of course, we would like to know how much of a role Bosh admirer, Aubrey Plaza, had on getting him the cameo. Stay tuned.   

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[via Chris Bosh]

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