Last night, Charles Woodson scored his NFL record-tying 13th career defensive touchdown. After the Chargers' Danny Woodhead coughed up the football late in the third quarter of yesterday's game, Woodson picked it up, took it to the house and put his name in the record books, alongside Darren Sharper and Rod Woodson.  

Following the game, reporters asked Woodson about his milestone and he made an interesting claim. “It says that I’m one of the greatest to ever play this game,” the 16-year pro said. “First and foremost, it really means something because it contributed to a victory. To be in the history books is really big time.”

Yeah, yeah, it helped the Raiders beat the Bolts, yada, yada. Let's talk about what Woodson said. In case you're wondering, Woodson is currently in a three-way tie for 17th overall in interceptions with 56. Still, a long ways away from Paul Krause's record of 81 picks, but does tying the defensive touchdown record really catapult him into the best of all time conversation?

We're going to say no. And, we're even going to say that he isn't the best all-time defensive player named Woodson. That honor probably goes to the aforementioned Rod Woodson, who also had 17 interceptions for touchdowns and sits at third in career pick-offs with 71.

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