We have to admit that prior to today, we were not looking forward to the Jaguars/Broncos game on Sunday. As we told you this morning, Denver is a 28-point favorite at home against Jacksonville, which is the largest point spread in NFL history. So we're not really expecting a good game.

But now that whoever runs the Broncos Twitter account is beefing with whoever runs the Jaguars Twitter account, we are suddenly intrigued by the matchup! Earlier today, the Broncos shared this stat with the world through their Twitter account:

And it did not sit well with the Jaguars. So they fired back at the Broncos with this:

And that, of course, prompted a response to the Jags. So the Broncos came back over the top with this tweet:

Damn! We would have preferred the Broncos to hit the Jags back with a "#FactsOnly" tweet, which would have given them an easy W. But because they didn't, this is still anybody's ball game. What else ya got, Jax? Or are you saving your comeback for the football field on Sunday? Hmmmm...

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[via Larry Brown Sports]