Ding, ding, ding! Welcome to the Battle of the Brandons!

Early last week, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall called Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather out after he made several dangerous hits during Chicago's game against Washington on October 20. Specifically, he said that if the NFL is serious about eliminating hard hits to the head from the game of football, then they might want to consider getting rid of Meriweather.

"I respect the league trying to better our game," Marshall said. "Guys like that, maybe he just needs to get suspended or taken out of the game completely."

As a result of Meriweather's dangerous play against the Bears, he was suspended for the Redskins' game against the Broncos yesterday. But he didn't spend his downtime thinking about how he can be a safer football player. Instead, he apparently spent it thinking about comebacks for Marshall. And today, he fired back at him and said that, in his opinion, Marshall should be the one who is out of the NFL right now.

"He feels like I need to be kicked out of the league," Meriweather said, before bringing up several domestic violence incidents that Marshall has been involved in in recent years. "I feel like people who beat their girlfriends should be kicked out of the league, too. You tell me who you'd rather have: Someone who plays aggressive on the field or someone who beat up their girlfriend?"

Yikes. Marshall certainly didn't take too kindly to that comment. But he also refused to address it directly when he took to Twitter a short time after Meriweather's comments came out.

So which Brandon ya got here: Marshall or Meriweather? Which one of them threw a lower blow? Let the best man—er, or is it the worst man?—win!

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