Audio blogging has been around since the 1980s, but "podcasting" in its current terminology and form took off when iTunes added a section for podcasts in 2005. Since then, podcasts have been our favorite way to supplement what we read and what we watch. Text and visual content still reign supreme, but kicking back and taking in a podcast during your commute or during Saturday afternoon downtime is a great way to stay informed and updated.

When it comes to sports podcasts, the quality of content may actually be better than whatever you see on television. Would you rather watch a mindless hour of SportsCenter, or listen to the great points and debates going down on Keith Olbermann, Bill Simmons, or Dan Patrick's podcasts? An hour of Slate's Hang Up and Listen is way more enlightening than any of the television programming or half-assed blogging you may be consuming. See if your favorite podcast made the list, but also discover a new favorite or two in The 25 Best Sports Podcasts.

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