Some decision maker at Bentley at some point figured that since Bentleys are powerful and sporty AWD cars, they must be rally cars. While that logic may, in fact, be quite flawed, hurling a 5,000 lb luxury car around a snowy circuit sounds like an ubeliveable amount of fun to us. This is, roughly, the premise behind Bentley's Power to the Ice winter driving school.

Attendees will meet in Helsinki at which point they will board a private jet and fly to the Ruka Peak resort where the event will be held. Presiding over the madness, the Conti GTs, and the Flying Spurs, will be four time World Rally Champion and ice racing expert Juha Kankkuunen. 

Prices range from €10,840 ($14,902) to €13,390 ($18,407) depending on the accommodations selected, and there are a variety of dates available from Feburary through March.

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[via Bentley