It's good to be an athlete. You have money, babes, adoration, and for some reason people take time to write about you. But athlete salaries have raised in a period where the average income remains stagnant. While middle class wages have flatlined since the 1980s athlete paychecks have more than quintupled. So what are they doing with their dough? The short answer is: blowing it. It's something we've shed light on in the past. But how about their pads? If you ever wondered why you have to front $65 for a Floyd Mayweather pay-per-view, at least you know it went to a good cause: a remote-controlled misting system for his master bedroom's balcony. You ever tried operating one of those things without a remote control? It's hell.

We rounded up two dozen of the loudest houses as a small sample of where our ticket money goes. And we come back with good news, some of thes are available. So get your checkbook out and start dealing some drugs. These are The Most Ridiculous Athlete Mansions.

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