Aston Martin knows that the company's edge isn't in technology or engineering. Aston Martin is superlative in cool; Aston Martin is superlative in sex appeal. When it comes to sex appeal, a V12 engine is the best and hybridization is pretty damn low on the scale, and that's why CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez has come out and said  "We will not have a hybrid in next year or year after" and "I do believe [the V12] is very dear to us."

That said, emissions reduction is still a concern for Aston, but the method by which this is to be achieved is almost hilarious sounding. "If it comes to a luxury car with emotion, a V12 has something special. This will still be there within the next five to 10 years, but it does not mean it will be six liters - it can be five liters or a smaller one. It will improve with power and fuel consumption."

Yeah, because nothing says efficieny like a 5.0L V12. Not that we're complaining, we love Aston's V12s.

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