It sounds like Alex Rodriguez is going to pull out all the stops in an effort to try and get his 211-game suspension from Major League Baseball reduced. And if that means using the worst defense ever? Eh, then so be it!

According to the New York Daily News, A-Rod and his lawyers are reportedly admitting to the fact that Rodriguez did use steroids supplied to him by the Biogenesis clinic. However, his legal team claims that the only reason that he took them is because Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch tricked him into using them. Rodriguez claims that he went to Biogenesis to get legal supplements to take. But what he actually got were performance-enhancing drugs that ended up getting him suspended.

A-Rod's defense is similar to the defenses offered up by both Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens when they were accused of using PEDs. They both played dumb and said that they thought they were taking legal substances when, in fact, they were allegedly using PEDs. But in A-Rod's case, MLB reportedly has a mountain of evidence that shows a very tight-knit relationship between him and Bosch. So how in the world did A-Rod not know that he was taking PEDs?!

Whatever. We're pretty much over this whole A-Rod "scandal." Just let us know how many games he's actually going to be suspended for and let's all move on.

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[via New York Daily News]