The Minnesota Vikings don't really deserve gifts with the way they're playing. They're sitting at a poor 1-5 and just gave the Giants their first win of the season. Plus, we're still a ways from Christmas.

It looks like Adrian Peterson is a decent enough guy to look past those factors, however. If you're one of the offensive linemen who got surprised with a snowmobile as a gift, you're not asking "Why" because, dude, it's a snowmobile:

Peterson Claus arrived after running just 28 yards for 13 carries against a New York defense that currently ranks 23rd in rushing yards allowed. This was also Peterson's lowest total of the season. At the same time, Peterson still has to give partial credit to his offensive line for his extrordinary season last year. Gotta appreciate your teammates even if they aren't at their best, right?

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[via For The Win]