Plenty of people have luster after a Mustang, especially a Shelby GT500, and then turned away on account of this stupid thing called "practicality." One person out there who has been wanting a more practical Mustang will get to buy this unusual vehicle.

Strand Craft, a company best known for building luxurious yachts that come with matching supercars, is planning to a Shelby GT500 wagon based on this mediocre photoshop. Better yet, the company plans to up the power of what is already the world's most powerful production V8 all the way to 850 horses, which should be enough to get you, your girl, your two legless children, and a vacation to Disney Land's worth of luggage to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds.

We'll be sure to get photos of the real thing when it's done in April.

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[via Strand Craft