Let’s get this out of the way: if you’re one of the many guys who have thrown a pass in the NFL since the merger, you’re obviously really good at football. You don’t get to the league by accident. However, once the best do make it, it’s only natural that some kind of pecking order will emerge. It’s easy to single out the greats, but what about the ones who were terrible? People like Bobby Hoying, Rick Mirer and Tim Rattay should not just go quietly into the night; their names may not resound in the halls of Canton, but they should still be heard.

Whether they threw a lot of interceptions, lost a lot of games, failed to live up to their lofty draft expectations, many NFL quarterbacks have vied for the title of “worst ever.” But, just as there can only be one greatest, so too can their only be one worst. Updating our list from a year ago, here’s a look at the 50 Worst Quarterbacks in NFL History.

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