What Your Favorite WWE Wrestlers From the '90s Say About You Image via Flickr/Randall Chancellor

Vince McMahon

The chairman was the manipulative heel everyone loved to hate (and, as you can see above, he still is). But some latched onto his constant dickishness. If someone leaves early on a Friday afternoon you tell on them. If someone trusts you with a secret, you blab to somebody. If you ever go to prison the warden will trust you to snitch on your contemporaries. Have you ever made a gag bet with a buddy? Say, you're watching the Super Bowl, he picks "Team A" and you pick "Team B." The loser has to blow the winner. It's all in good (weird) fun. If you truly idolized McMahon that only happens once because you're enforcing that wager, to your exasperated, confused and soon to be ex-pal.

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