A Brazilian businessman named Count Scarpa (yep) is rich and does rich people things. Since the "Count" title doesn't come with immortality, Scarpa has decided to plan for his inevitable demise. Instead of writing a will and buying a grave plot like a normal person, Scarpa has announced that he will be taking cues from the Ancient Egyptians, burying his Bentley Continental Flying Spur in a wealthy Sao Paulo neighborhood so that he can have it in the afterlife. Scarpa is rich, but he is no Pharaoh. Burying this Bentley will only lead to one less car in his garage and one more reason for us to hate stupid people with money.

Scarpa hasn't revealed how he will be buried when he dies, but mummification is the only logical choice, right? Maybe when they pull out his brain through his nose, they can put the jar in the trunk of the Bentley so he can have that too.

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[via GTSpirit]