If you were wondering why linebacker Von Miller's suspension for violating the NFL's drug policy was extended to six weeks, ESPN has found an answer. It turns out he tried to tamper with the urine sample with the help of an overzealous collector before sending it in.

The NFL, NFLPA, and Miller's representatives found out he tried to mess with the sample after the clouded urine made its way to officials. A test collector working in Miami (Miller's offseason spot) was such a big fan of Miller that  he offered to swap his sample for another clean one. The plot got thwarted when a second collector discovered Miller wasn't in the city where the collection was supposed happen.

Miller and the guilty collector didn't exchange money, and the NFL, NFLPA, or the Broncos didn't comment on the developments. It must be noted that Miller was lucky in this case, as he could've been suspended for up to a year because of his actions. After investigating if Miller had been trying to cover up PED or steroid violations, the league suspended him for repeat violations of the league's substance policy. It doesn't look like the Broncos will be hurting that badly with the way they've been playing so far.

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[via ESPN]