If FIU vs. Louisville or Miami vs. Savannah St. were played online, FIU and Savannah St. would've either pulled their Ethernet cable or quit the game altogether by halftime. Unfortunately, though, the two aforementioned matchups played out in real life, so the two losing teams needed to reach some sort of "mercy rule" to get the blowout over with in a timely fashion. 

With Louisville up 51-0 in the third quarter, FIU worked out an agreement where they would have a running clock for the rest of the game. Meanwhile, the head coaches for Savannah St. and Miami decided to start the fourth quarter with 12 minutes, instead of 15 minutes, since the Hurricanes were up at the time, 77-7. Ouch. 

What can a coach possibly tell his players after suffering such an embarassing loss to make them feel better? "Hey, at least we didn't give up 100 points, right?" 

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