Pop champagne! That's exactly what a tractor-trailer carrying a few hundred cases of bubbly did in Connecticut late last week. And the result was a massive cleanup effort and some serious traffic delays on a major highway.

The accident took place last Wednesday afternoon after a tractor-trailer that was filled with champagne hit a Department of Transportation vehicle on I-395 in Connecticut. The truck reportedly failed to move into the left lane of traffic on I-395 in order to avoid construction and hit the DOT vehicle. And when it did, it tipped over and sent tons and tons and tons of champagne pouring out onto I-395. The Department of Consumer Protection had to be called in to clean up the champagne spill, while an environmental contractor had to come and clean up some diesel that spilled into the road when the truck overturned.

Check out the image above to see the damage. That looks like one hell of a party on the side of I-395, doesn't it?

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[via Business Insider]