When Fairview, Ore. car wash owner Dean Hurford called a local towing company recently and asked them to send someone out to tow a truck that was illegally parked on his property, he had absolutely no idea what he was in for. A short time later, the towing company 3 Boys Towing sent an employee out to remove the truck. But within just a few minutes of his arrival, all hell broke loose at Scrubby's car wash.

So what happened? Well, according to Hurford, everything was going just fine until an elderly woman attempted to get around the tow truck that 3 Boys Towing sent out, which was being driven by a man named Andres Malagon. It seems the old lady annoyed Malagon by trying to go around him, which caused him to use the F-word at her. And that led to Hurford stepping in and getting involved, which made Malagon even angrier. Soon, Malagon was yelling at Hurford, using a ton of expletives, and even making threats towards him. And it was all captured on video and posted to Facebook a short time later.

You can see some of the edited video above. Malagon's boss later apologized to Hurford and revealed that his employee is going through some personal issues, which is what caused him to snap. But this guy was clearly unstable on that day. Take a chill pill, dude. Letting a little old lady pass you isn't really the end of the world, is it?!

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[via KOIN]