Well, it's Alabama's game now. Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M were rolling in the first quarter to go up 14-0. The offensive machine went silent though as the Crimson Tide put up 28 unanswered points to lead at halftime.

The last touchdown was scored by running back T.J. Yeldon on a 4-yard run. The play wasn't the notable part though. Yeldon mocked Manziel's signature dance (and inherently the TOPSZN regime) after the touchdown and followed it up with a double throat slash gesture. You can't do all that and not expect an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which is exactly what Yeldon got afterward.

When asked about what he told Yeldon, head coach Nick Saban said he told him "That's not us. That's not what we do." He probably had some sort of cyborg look of death when he said that too, although it's doubtful if he said just that.

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[via SB Nation]